Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The moment of truth .

Aite. So we just had our super-fast-presentation like 30mins ago and I'm blogging about it. HA!
I stay on campus so ya. I just thought I'll write it down whatever comments were made before I forget.

Boo. First. I felt that presentation time was too quick. If only it was longer, I think it will be a more ''in dept'' kinda review. I think it was the same for all of us. Well, at least i got to know what was not really working. ): Sadly, the front page which was what I was quite excited about was really not connecting as much as my other pages. I do agree that the other pages are more focused and there is a direction in my web. I just felt that the front page was engaging in a way. I guess I wanted it to be more animated but I'm not sure how to do it at this point in time. I should seriously do something.
I like how the colours sit together but then again, it gets a bit confusing for users cause they will not know how to navigate around it. cause there are just too many images on the front page. And the last thing that I want is them leaving even before entering my site.

I think a front page is really important and it gets user to be attracted to your web. And after this review, I'm not sure about mine. Maybe I could have done better in my front page. Sigh. I really do.

Also, there are some bits and pieces that need to be done up. Like the text being too low..

However! (: on the happier note, I felt that I did quite well in my other pages like I have said previously. When it was on the big screen in class, I felt that it was a nice experience when going through my web. (: It is definitely clean and I like the simplicity and the way the page sits and how my work is displayed.

Well, at least I know that I did my best and I can only cross my fingers for the results. (:



was just doing some last min checks on my webbie. all is good but i'm just paranoid. heh.

anyways! THE WEBBIE IS UP! LOL. I was just trying to figure it out and I GOT IT! *woohoo~

there it is! (: yea. so happy.
SO finally the webbie is done. like done done. aha. but I will have to maintain it and see it grow even more. For now, i'm satisfied.
I wanted to put in a video but i cant seem to do it. Sigh. Probably will do it as i move along.

IMy webbie is basically a very simple and clean one. I want it to reflect my personality and also for users to navigate the site easily. I really hate websites that are confusing and cluttered. I hope to give my audience a good experience as they travel through my web.

Also, the front page has a lot of colours so I decided to leave my backgd white so that it doesnt overpower my pictures. There are no words in my index which I quite like.. So users have to navigate the links by rolling over. There are only 6 links on the cubes and i find the blinking of pictures quite engaging---playful and fun;)

My web is not done completely. I have more future art work to showcase and I will make this web grow (: so this might be the presentation day but it is definitely not my last dreamweaver-day. As much as i hate it .. LOL.

I have my illustration and design links up except for photography cos I have yet enough photographs and so I thought I'll just put it in the links first so that it can be more convenient for me in the future..

There were definitely difficulties in my web page designing but i guessed all is over . or rather, the BIGGER confusion part is over and i'll have to continue to learn and practice dreamweaver and fireworks. I was struggling at some point and it was horrible. The two are not quite friendly in fact because there were some point where the files were correctly placed but they did not turn out well. I don't know why for some reason.. but i guess prob it was tired. it needed rest- like me when i was working.

I LOVE DESIGNING. but for now. my eyes are so heavy..

got to run to class soon (:


Monday, 26 October 2009

Counting down ...

time now is 5.09pm now and we're handing in our website tmr!*gasp*

this are my developments..like really rough and untidy. pardon me. ;)

i really like how my front page is. I like the pictures being able to flip when users roll them over ;)
i wanted all the cubes to be doing that but i realised it will be too much and too confusing on which are the real links to my web.. hm.
I'm currently still working on my web. GO ME! :)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I'm screaming my lungs out.

*stares at computer screen blankly*
thats what i do whenever i'm working on fireworks. don't get me started on dreamweaver ):

it has been a whole morning doing web and i'm still not done. slow and steady wins the race.. it seemed like i haven't really started this race. *slaps head onto that wall*
): building a website is so difficult.
I'm glad i did web this morning. Im not there yet but i will be there eventually.
I think working in fireworks is not that difficult, i just need to have a calm and focused mind when i do it. Really not to panic and feel sorry about myself.

I manage to slice and get some stuffs going. Why do I have the feeling that I'm complicating matters?

I'll be in school tmr.

I think I should camp there.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

i fell from the sky into the deep pit.

I was so disheartened today at school. Apparently what I did previously was too complicated. I could have done my pages in a more easier manner for me to link them and I ended up redoing everything. I manage to do it and I'm glad I did it. I have to go see Thomas tomorrow. My page is not working too well. BUT at least I got the frames up. PHEW. I could crumble. ):
I decided to stick with century gothic and not the fancy pointy. Doesn't seem to be working in fireworks. Never mind.

Building a website is really very difficult. And I feel I can hardly breathe whenever Im using fireworks. not to mention dreamweaver.. sigh.
I hope tomorrow will be better. );

Handing in next week. I really can't imagine.

Website pages

its me again! (:

this is for the 13th. aite.
so i met up with thomas again. hee. ' oh.. is that exchange girl with that strange last name'

firstly, fireworks is seriously new to me and i was struggling with my pages.
i'm not sure if i am doing the right thing but i was just arranging my individual pages in fireworks.
trust me, i can faint.

i finally got them done but i haven't got the pictures for the zoom behavior up. not sure if i have done what i needed to but i had got my thumbnails up. i want users to be able to roll over my thumbnails and the bigger image of the project shows up. sigh.
don't know how that works. i think i need some sort of coding which i have totally NO idea.
*runs to thomas. again*
so what i have posted is an example of how my pages will work. the blank area is for my images. Different links has a different color. i want the site to portray me and think colors best represent me so hence, the rainbow.

Thomas was suggesting having cubes beside me link to reflect the front page and continue the playfulness of the website. i'm still working on that.


website. website.

So i realised i was lagging with my updates about my blog. OOPS.

this should be written for the 6th of Oct.
I don't really  have habit to blog hence the slowness.

*reading my diary* hahaha.
I was quite ); when thomas told me that my previous placement of the cubes were better and more effective.  i guess i actually agree but the time spent on re drawing the current one was wasted. Sometimes i'm not sure if this is call process or time wastage.
if only i had stick to the previous one, maybe i would have done more.
but! then again, i did not regret redrawing, it kinda allowed me to practice photoshop and illustrator again. *pouts*

As i sit back and compare i think i prefer how the positions of the cube were on the first design from the bottom. hehe. ;) i edited it slightly so that it is asymmetrical. i think the 2nd one that i did was a  bit more confusing and there really is no need for so many cubes. and I removed the little gurl as well. I can do without that i  guess..

I need to confirm my color scheme! and interaction..  and try fireworks. 

Monday, 5 October 2009

website structure

I have no idea why my letters are breaking up in the previous post. It is annoying. This post seem to be working well. Anyway, posted up my website structure. Not very sure if it is correctly drawn but this should be roughly how users will navigate through my site. I don't know if we are supposed to show items within the links-I'm confused. Hence, the subgroups. Anyway... I'll ask. I guess a good website must be organised and intuitive. There should really be no more than2 levels from the home page but for now.. it should be fine. I need to edit it probably after tomorrow's class.

The 'flow chart' is colour coded so that it is easily understood. Also, I found out that there are actually no arrows used because the structure is similar to a tree diagram, it spreads from a higher to a lower level and this suggests the direction of the linking. The lines connecting or diverging also play a major role; they reveal information regarding the navigation functions. tsk tsk. Building a website actually quite intense. I was editing my front page and trying to see how it will work in Photoshop and Illustrator. I realised I don't even have Fireworks. My gosh~ Not to mention me using it. Never mind. I'll just stick to photoshop first. I have uploaded 2 of the front pages to show the 'roll over' effect. However, I'm still far from completion for the overall. The rest of the cubes will just be flash but no links on them.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

You said what?

There was a review of the website designs today and it was great.There were a lot of different concepts and we discussed what worked and what did not.
The chosen idea for mine was the 2ND one and I have totally no idea how to do the flashing on my image.I have a lot to learn and experiment. T encouraged to use fireworks. *shocked*
I have never heard of that. sigh.
O well, I believe all will be good. I just need time and a lot of patience.

We learnt about wire frames today!
I'm lucky enough to have done them so I will be proceeding to my website flowchart.
Also working on my website front page.
Building a personalised website can be tough but I believe that at the end of the day , you'll get that satisfaction.
I'm looking forward to that day!

The process is, however, daunting.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Webpage designs

Three designs that I have come up with.
Overall concepts for all three design is based on simplicity.

The first concept is a more feminine and sophisticated approach. The colours used are different shades of pink and pu'rple. My name is the main focus on the front page so that will leave an impression. However, Im not sure if it is a bit 'granny'. I have designed a pattern with it as well. The website is easy to navigate with the help of colours.

The second idea is a more playful approach. Colours used are brighter and more fun. However, Im not sure if it is a little childish. I am thinking of an icon- which is the girl standing on cubes, resembling playing blocks. The idea is that every time you roll over the images, it flashes. It is a bit more interactive I have got NO idea on how to do that but, we'll see :) Also, below the blocks is the navigation bar.

The third one is some what similar to the first idea in which the first page has the main focus on the name and the navigation will appear if you roll over the letters. The difference is how the webpage works. The images will move in a direction and for every image that you click, it will be enlarged in the middle. Colours used here are probably more modern and young.

Seriously, im still confused about blogging~
if not for this exchange, not for this class, I'll probably still live in my paper portfolio.