Tuesday, 29 September 2009

You said what?

There was a review of the website designs today and it was great.There were a lot of different concepts and we discussed what worked and what did not.
The chosen idea for mine was the 2ND one and I have totally no idea how to do the flashing on my image.I have a lot to learn and experiment. T encouraged to use fireworks. *shocked*
I have never heard of that. sigh.
O well, I believe all will be good. I just need time and a lot of patience.

We learnt about wire frames today!
I'm lucky enough to have done them so I will be proceeding to my website flowchart.
Also working on my website front page.
Building a personalised website can be tough but I believe that at the end of the day , you'll get that satisfaction.
I'm looking forward to that day!

The process is, however, daunting.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Webpage designs

Three designs that I have come up with.
Overall concepts for all three design is based on simplicity.

The first concept is a more feminine and sophisticated approach. The colours used are different shades of pink and pu'rple. My name is the main focus on the front page so that will leave an impression. However, Im not sure if it is a bit 'granny'. I have designed a pattern with it as well. The website is easy to navigate with the help of colours.

The second idea is a more playful approach. Colours used are brighter and more fun. However, Im not sure if it is a little childish. I am thinking of an icon- which is the girl standing on cubes, resembling playing blocks. The idea is that every time you roll over the images, it flashes. It is a bit more interactive I have got NO idea on how to do that but, we'll see :) Also, below the blocks is the navigation bar.

The third one is some what similar to the first idea in which the first page has the main focus on the name and the navigation will appear if you roll over the letters. The difference is how the webpage works. The images will move in a direction and for every image that you click, it will be enlarged in the middle. Colours used here are probably more modern and young.

Seriously, im still confused about blogging~
if not for this exchange, not for this class, I'll probably still live in my paper portfolio.