Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The moment of truth .

Aite. So we just had our super-fast-presentation like 30mins ago and I'm blogging about it. HA!
I stay on campus so ya. I just thought I'll write it down whatever comments were made before I forget.

Boo. First. I felt that presentation time was too quick. If only it was longer, I think it will be a more ''in dept'' kinda review. I think it was the same for all of us. Well, at least i got to know what was not really working. ): Sadly, the front page which was what I was quite excited about was really not connecting as much as my other pages. I do agree that the other pages are more focused and there is a direction in my web. I just felt that the front page was engaging in a way. I guess I wanted it to be more animated but I'm not sure how to do it at this point in time. I should seriously do something.
I like how the colours sit together but then again, it gets a bit confusing for users cause they will not know how to navigate around it. cause there are just too many images on the front page. And the last thing that I want is them leaving even before entering my site.

I think a front page is really important and it gets user to be attracted to your web. And after this review, I'm not sure about mine. Maybe I could have done better in my front page. Sigh. I really do.

Also, there are some bits and pieces that need to be done up. Like the text being too low..

However! (: on the happier note, I felt that I did quite well in my other pages like I have said previously. When it was on the big screen in class, I felt that it was a nice experience when going through my web. (: It is definitely clean and I like the simplicity and the way the page sits and how my work is displayed.

Well, at least I know that I did my best and I can only cross my fingers for the results. (:


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