Monday, 5 October 2009

website structure

I have no idea why my letters are breaking up in the previous post. It is annoying. This post seem to be working well. Anyway, posted up my website structure. Not very sure if it is correctly drawn but this should be roughly how users will navigate through my site. I don't know if we are supposed to show items within the links-I'm confused. Hence, the subgroups. Anyway... I'll ask. I guess a good website must be organised and intuitive. There should really be no more than2 levels from the home page but for now.. it should be fine. I need to edit it probably after tomorrow's class.

The 'flow chart' is colour coded so that it is easily understood. Also, I found out that there are actually no arrows used because the structure is similar to a tree diagram, it spreads from a higher to a lower level and this suggests the direction of the linking. The lines connecting or diverging also play a major role; they reveal information regarding the navigation functions. tsk tsk. Building a website actually quite intense. I was editing my front page and trying to see how it will work in Photoshop and Illustrator. I realised I don't even have Fireworks. My gosh~ Not to mention me using it. Never mind. I'll just stick to photoshop first. I have uploaded 2 of the front pages to show the 'roll over' effect. However, I'm still far from completion for the overall. The rest of the cubes will just be flash but no links on them.

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