Tuesday, 20 October 2009

website. website.

So i realised i was lagging with my updates about my blog. OOPS.

this should be written for the 6th of Oct.
I don't really  have habit to blog hence the slowness.

*reading my diary* hahaha.
I was quite ); when thomas told me that my previous placement of the cubes were better and more effective.  i guess i actually agree but the time spent on re drawing the current one was wasted. Sometimes i'm not sure if this is call process or time wastage.
if only i had stick to the previous one, maybe i would have done more.
but! then again, i did not regret redrawing, it kinda allowed me to practice photoshop and illustrator again. *pouts*

As i sit back and compare i think i prefer how the positions of the cube were on the first design from the bottom. hehe. ;) i edited it slightly so that it is asymmetrical. i think the 2nd one that i did was a  bit more confusing and there really is no need for so many cubes. and I removed the little gurl as well. I can do without that i  guess..

I need to confirm my color scheme! and interaction..  and try fireworks. 

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