Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Website pages

its me again! (:

this is for the 13th. aite.
so i met up with thomas again. hee. ' oh.. is that exchange girl with that strange last name'

firstly, fireworks is seriously new to me and i was struggling with my pages.
i'm not sure if i am doing the right thing but i was just arranging my individual pages in fireworks.
trust me, i can faint.

i finally got them done but i haven't got the pictures for the zoom behavior up. not sure if i have done what i needed to but i had got my thumbnails up. i want users to be able to roll over my thumbnails and the bigger image of the project shows up. sigh.
don't know how that works. i think i need some sort of coding which i have totally NO idea.
*runs to thomas. again*
so what i have posted is an example of how my pages will work. the blank area is for my images. Different links has a different color. i want the site to portray me and think colors best represent me so hence, the rainbow.

Thomas was suggesting having cubes beside me link to reflect the front page and continue the playfulness of the website. i'm still working on that.


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